Habitat for Humanity
Jan 25, 2018
Kari Murphy
Habitat for Humanity

As Loudoun Habitat for Humanity’s Director of Resource Development, Kari Murphy works with individuals, local companies and the faith community to help fulfill the mission of Habitat through financial contributions or in-kind gift support.

Prior to joining the staff in September of 2014, Kari began her relationship with LHFH as a volunteer member of the Special Events Committee in 2011 where her most notable role was Chair of the Masquerade Ball. Raised in a small town in central Illinois, Kari learned the importance of neighbors helping neighbors to aid those individuals in need and to help sustain local small businesses. Fast forward many years later, she continues this love of local community in her daily work at Loudoun Habitat.

"Every time I interact with a partner family and hear their story and know the appreciation that they have for the work that we as a community, staff, and volunteers do for them, it only reaffirms this was the best fit career for me. I love networking and I love when I can help others find the hand up they need!"  

Kari lives in Leesburg with her husband, two sons (Will & Daniel) adorable dog Bella and is also proud step mother to Jenifer, Sean and Allison.